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DEWEY: Who are you? You aren’t from Texas Immersive, are you? You don’t look like a member of any of the factions of the 48. I’d know, I’m Cerebral - one of the group’s thinkers. Resident problem solver if you will.

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ELLINGTON: I’m Ellington. If you are the one looking to craft your imagination into reality, I would love to work alongside you. I am an artist and creative at heart, always finding new masterpieces to bring to life. Including one that now seems to have disappeared from our wall...

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ETANA: They look like they’re from another dimension altogether - an Earthling. I’m Etana, Luminary leader of the 48. I believe we are all important pieces to this 48 community. I love to hear new ideas to craft solutions, and I am trusted to make important decisions!

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