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I can see how you could be confused about the signage around here. This one is letting us know that we need to be on the lookout for falling rocks within the tunnel... I’m sure everything is fine! Always has been!

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We actually watch all of your kind and guide you along your creative processes. It has been our job to assist in the progression of technology in your dimension and make sure that innnovation is happening at its greatest potential. And you guys have set the bar HIGH.

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These cracks in the dimension... I have never seen before. I wouldn't be too concerned, except that they seem to be getting larger and larger. But on a brighter note, look! You can see Earth in your dimension through the cracks. This is very interesting.... We usually only see it through the Imagine Lab window.

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But more importantly, I really want to show you around the Imagine Lab! Let’s get going!

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